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Kenna Risk Score by Industry

We have observed significant differences in both mean Kenna risk score, as well as the distribution of that score, when compared across industries. Below, see current risk scores by industry, segmented using 2 digit NAICS codes.

The bars below represent the 25-75% percentile range within each industry, and the marker represents the median. Kenna risk score is measured from 0 (lowest risk) - 1,000 (highest risk), so industries below are listed from best to worst performing.

01002003004005006007008009001000All01002003004005006007008009001000ManufacturingNAICS 3101002003004005006007008009001000Retail TradeNAICS 4401002003004005006007008009001000Health Care and Social AssistanceNAICS 6201002003004005006007008009001000ManufacturingNAICS 3201002003004005006007008009001000Public AdministrationNAICS 9201002003004005006007008009001000Professional, Scientific, and Technical SvcsNAICS 5401002003004005006007008009001000InformationNAICS 5101002003004005006007008009001000Finance and InsuranceNAICS 5201002003004005006007008009001000Transportation and WarehousingNAICS 4801002003004005006007008009001000Accommodation and Food ServicesNAICS 7201002003004005006007008009001000ManufacturingNAICS 3301002003004005006007008009001000Educational ServicesNAICS 6101002003004005006007008009001000Administrative, Support, Waste Management, Remediation SvcsNAICS 5601002003004005006007008009001000Retail TradeNAICS 4501002003004005006007008009001000Other Services (except Public Admin)NAICS 81
Data: Q4 2020

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